Family game night is a general term for an event in which a group of family members or friends gather together to enjoy all types of games. Not only is the game selection important, but it's also important to have the proper lighting for the game you're playing. 

An electrician has the tools, experience, and equipment to help set up your home for dozens of different games. Browse through each game type to see how improved lighting can help you and your guest enjoy the visuals, atmosphere, and experience of every game.

Board Game Tables

If board games are your game of choice, then you know how important it is to read every card, roll of the dice, or detail on the game board. Poor or dim lighting can hinder the playing experience and cause the players to miss small but important details.

A section of evenly spaced, recessed lighting can be installed directly over the board game table. If you use bright bulbs, then the board will be fully illuminated and eliminate harsh shadows that can interfere with the game.

Once the lighting is configured, the wiring can be set for customization. For example, even if the whole room has recessed lighting, the board game area can be configured to have its own light switch so that just those lights will turn on while you’re playing.

Performance Games

Another fun type of game that you can play during a family game night is a performance game. These types of games include classics like Charades or Pictionary but may also include newer variations of these games.

Performance games can be taken to the next level with the use of track lighting. A track lighting set features individual bulbs set on a track. The lights can move and adjust down the track as needed.

When playing a performance game, track lighting is an ideal option for creating a spotlight effect. The track lights can shine directly on a performer and increase the fun and excitement of a game. If two players go head to head, then two spotlights can easily be created using the track light.

Video Game Lighting

Thanks to a lot of family-based games and interactive options, video games have now become an integral part of family game nights. The lighting you need while you play video games is different than lighting for a traditional card or board game, and it can be a little trickier.

The key to lighting for these games is to eliminate glare on televisions while still providing enough light for players to see, interact, and enjoy snacks together. Of course, you also want the players to be able to see their controllers as well.

This is why ambient lighting is one of the best options when it comes to playing video games. These lights can add some light, but they won’t shine towards the television or create a glare.

Another lighting feature to consider installing is a dimmer switch for the other lights in the room. This way you can adjust the lighting depending on the game you’re playing.

The low light settings are also ideal for watching TV shows and movies, and a dimming feature can create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone at the home. In addition, you can use the dimming feature to set other moods as well, for example, during date night, dim lights can be very romantic.
An electrician can survey a room to determine the best spots for lights and help set up the best options for gaming. Schedule a consultation with one of our electricians at Payne Electric Co. We can help set up your home for plenty of great gaming in the years to come.